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"It would take a book series bigger than the actual series to say all the great things about these books." - Reader Review

Willowers (Wood Cow Chronicles, Book 4) - Paperback Edition

Willowers (Wood Cow Chronicles, Book 4) - Paperback Edition

Wood Cow Chronicles, Book 4 of 4

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In this stunning conclusion to the Wood Cow Chronicles, the struggle to overturn ancient injustice will succeed or fail depending on what happens when enslaved dragons are released to act in freedom.

The rediscovery of long-lost wonders holds the key to the final death of tyranny and the dawn of lasting peace. The way forward is anything but clear, however… The High One has fallen, taking age-old tyranny with him, but the Hedgelands is in chaos as the new Council struggles toward a new society. Wrackshee slavers have not given up the game, and move to exploit the disorder and preserve the old system. When no one seems able to stop the Wrackshee onslaught, Bem Madsoor makes a desperate and dangerous decision—to split her fleet and send a heavily out-numbered band of sea-beasts against the Wrackshees' fortified camp. Can the rebels face wonders and fears that run counter to everything they know? Simple bravery is not going to cut it this time. Distant realms are inexorably drawn into the turmoil, and would-be prophets and rebels, warriors and scholars, kings and dragons, discover they are part of a struggle in which they must come together, or lose all.

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